Aug 12, 2017

9:00 AM to 4:00 PM

2017 Georgia Republican Assembly State Convention

The Georgia Republican Assembly is holding its annual convention and as a valued member, conservative activist or concerned citizen, your attendance is vital.



  • The opportunity to meet and fellowship with the Republican candidates for Governor, Lt. Gov. Secretary of State, and Other Statewide Office;

  • Breakout sessions with tips on how to be an effective conservative activist and much more;

  • GRA members will have an opportunity to potentially have the GRA endorse statewide candidates, elect GRA officers, and other GRA business; and,

  • We expect to hear remarks from the following:​​​​

    • National Federation of Republican Assemblies President Willes Lee

    • Georgia Republican Assembly President, Alex Johnson

    • Fmr. Congressman Paul Broun, President of GRA-PAC

    • School Superintendent Richard Woods

    • Congressional Candidate Shane Hazel

    • State Rep. Candidate Ken Pullin

    • Restore and Preserve the Constitution

    • Special Freedomworks Speaker

    • Lt. Governor Candidate Rick Knox

    • Senator David Shafer

    • Senator Josh McKoon

    • Senator Rick Jeffares 

    • Senator Hunter Hill

    • Senator Michael Williams 

    • Representative Geoff Duncan

    • Representative Buzz Brockway

    • Jim Beck, Candidate for Insurance Commissioner

    • Many politically active and educational groups from around the state,...And many more!



Orchard Hills Church

171 Gordon Road

Moreland, GA 30263


The GRA, working together with our national and state affiliates, is dedicated to being the flagship of constitutional conservatism within the Republican Party. It is intent on making sure the federal government has limited powers and the states have an independent sovereign place in our system of government.

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